The Dream of Nurturer’s Founder

My name is Khululekani Nyobole (Khulah) and I’m passionate about people as well as the planet. The idea for Nurturer was born when I was introduced to a concept called teleology at university. This theory confirmed something I instinctively knew as the truth: When we honour the earth we honour ourselves and life.

I was born and raised in the township Khayelitsha close to Cape Town. After learning about teleology, I started questioning why people in low income communities do not have the option to buy affordable natural products that are healthy and safe for both humans and nature. Many of the products we use daily contain a lot of toxins and dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our health as well as the environment. It’s not surprising that doctors often advise cancer patients to stop using chemical-based personal care products. The question is, why should we get sick before we start doing something?

Nurturer was born from the dream of making natural premium products accessible to all South Africans. We only use locally produced raw materials that are 100% natural and have been tested for safety by SABS and approved by Eco-Cert.

Our dream is to provide family and home essentials that are delivered right to the doorstep of millions of South Africans.

We just got started … we hope that every South African will join us and become a nurturer.