Nappy stain remover & ordourizor 2Kg


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A non-chlorine bleach that uses the power of oxygen to kill bacteria and remove stains from hard surfaces and fabrics. Anolyte Nappy Stain Remover can we used in the treatment of pet wounds. It can either be used as to flush out the infected area or applied to dressings. Unlike chlorine bleach, Nurturer’s O2 Bleach rapidly degrades into water and oxygen, leaving behind no harmful substances.

Completely colour-safe and hypo-allergenic, this product is useful all over the home!

– Laundry: makes whites whiter & other colours brighter (is colour safe)

– Stains: removes tough stains & easily washes out dirt

– Mould & Mildew: penetrates & eliminates growth

– Grout: thoroughly cleans & disinfects

– Septic Toilets: safe to use with septic systems

– Rain Water Tanks: a natural alternative to chlorine treatment




Grey-water friendly


100% Biodegradable

Rapidly degrades into water and oxygen

Non-chlorine based

Colour speckles for easy product identification

With your support, we can empower youth become stewards of their own lives.

Our earth-friendly products nurture you, your loved ones and the planet because all of us are inherently nurturers.

Local – Made in Cape Town

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1 x 2KG Tub

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