O2 Bleach Powder – 20KG Bulk

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O2 Bleach Powder – 20KG Bulk is a non-chlorine bleach that uses the power of oxygen to kill bacteria and remove stains from hard surfaces and fabrics. Unlike chlorine bleach, Nurturer’s O2 Bleach Powder – 20KG Bulk rapidly degrades into water and oxygen, leaving behind no harmful substances.


Completely colour-safe and hypo-allergenic, this product is useful all over the home!


– Laundry: makes whites whiter & other colours brighter (is colour safe)

– Stains: removes tough stains & easily washes out dirt

– Mould & Mildew: penetrates & eliminates growth

– Grout: thoroughly cleans & disinfects

– Septic Toilets: safe to use with septic systems

– Rain Water Tanks: a natural alternative to chlorine treatment






Grey-water friendly


100% Biodegradable

Rapidly degrades into water and oxygen

Non-chlorine based

Colour speckles for easy product identification


With your support, we can empower youth become stewards of their own lives.

Our earth-friendly products nurture you, your loved ones and the planet because all of us are inherently nurturers.


Local – Made in Cape Town

What’s in the box
2 x 20kg Bucket

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 33 cm
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